Old West Bronc Riding


In the tradition of old-time buckaroos, this is an exciting ranch-style bronc riding held in conjunction with the PRCA rodeo. The event is open to amateur and professional contestants alike. Entrants ride in the stock saddles they work in every day, to simulate actual working conditions of authentic modern-day cowboys and buckaroos. Every effort has been made to make this event "contestant friendly."   Broncs will be provided by Bar T Rodeo.  Please read application for rules.

​​​$175 entry fee (includes stock fee). $3000 will be added. Limited to 20 riders.

We now accept Paypal: silverstatestampede@gmail.com. Please use the “Sending money to a friend” option so the SSSA can avoid the Paypal surcharge.

There will be a long-go and a short-go. For the long-go, half will ride on Friday and half will ride on Saturday. The top 8 scoring contestants will ride a second horse on Sunday.

Championship Garcia spurs will be awarded to the high average on two head. In the event of a tie for first place, there will be a ride-off for the spurs and prize monies will be split. Other prizes will be awarded as available depending upon sponsorship. Top four places of average will be paid 40%--30%--20%--10%.

Go-round money will also be paid on long-go and short-go.


First 20 FULLY PAID contestants will be entered. First come, first entered. 
There will be three alternates.

​Questions? Call Ralph Chiquete:  (775) 397-2275

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Previous Winners of the OWBR


  • 2003   Eli Burr                   

  • 2004   Jack Payne           

  • 2005   Trevor Fuhriman      

  • 2006   Chris Baird             

  • 2007   Matt Morrison        

  • 2008   Chris Baird            

  • 2009   John Wright           

  • 2010   Eli Burr                   

  • 2011  Cameron Hopper     

  • 2012 Alvaro "Cowboy" Rodriguez  

  • 2013  Cody Brocker    

  • 2014  Justin de Braga, 

  • 2015  Cole Estill           

  • 2016 Cody Leseur       

  • 2017 Mason Lamb 

  • 2018 Gus King 

  • 2019  Lane Johnson

  • 2020 Mike McBeth 

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